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North and South Wokingham Development Locations

Wokingham Borough Council is proceeding with its plans to build 2,500 houses to the South of Wokingham and 1,500 houses to the North of the town. Members of the Committee regularly attend a Community Forum organised by the Borough Council to discuss the stages of development at each location and submissions made at the meetings are noted and responded to. Work is quite advanced on the Buckhurst Farm site (called Montague Park for marketing purposes) at the start of the South Wokingham development

Photo Montague Park

A Consortium to continue the South Wokingham development to the south of the Reading-Waterloo is in pre-application discussions with the Borough Council with a view to plans coming forward later in 2017.

The first two phases of the Kentwood Farm area (with the marketing name of Mulberry Grove) in the North Wokingham Location are well under way, as is the first phase of the Matthewsgreen Farm development to the west.

The Wokingham Society has responded to a request to propose names for the streets on the Montague Park and Mulberry Grove developments and a number of names of significant past residents have been used– Beaver, Chambers, Culver, Spooner, Neville, Braybrooke and Wheeler for Mulberry Grove; William Heelas, Drew, Sambourne, Whitlock, Ashmole, Draper, Planner and Tickner for Montague Park.

Photo Montague Park