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Ref.   Description
                 A      Council Tax Bill – from 4 Bedfordshire Way, Wokingham.
                        Council Tax is a local taxation system used in England, Scotland and Wales. It is a tax
                        on domestic property which was introduced in 1993. Each property is assigned one of
                        eight bands (A to H) based on property value, and the tax is set as a fixed amount for
                        each band. Some property is exempt from the tax, some people are exempt from the
                        tax, while some get a discount.

                 B      2018 United Kingdom Brilliant Uncirculated Definitive Coin Set – from the
                        Royal Mail.
                        The Set includes the key circulating coins of the United Kingdom, struck to Brilliant
                        Uncirculated standard. It includes the new 12-sided £1 coin, first issued in March
                        2017. It also includes the ‘picture-puzzle’ arrangement of the 1p to the 50p coins of
                        the shield of the Royal Arms by Matthew Dent, which celebrates a decade of
                        appearing on the UK’s coinage in 2018. The individual parts reveal the full shield
                        when brought together. Each coin bears the fifth definitive coinage portrait of Her
                        Majesty The Queen by Royal Mint coin designer Jody Clark, introduced in 2015.

                 C      Wokingham Town Guide 2017-2018.
                        This guide is produced every two years to give residents of Wokingham information
                        about their Town and organisations that exist to help them.
                        It includes a map of the Town.

                 D      Bus Ticket – Adult Single, Woosehill, Dorset Way to Broad Street.
                        Wokingham is well served by a number of bus companies providing transport in
                        and out of Wokingham to the rest of Berkshire and beyond. This particular ticket is
                        for a journey that took 20 mins during the morning rush hour traffic.

                 E      Mayor Bear Pin Badge.
                        These would, in 2018, be given by the current Mayor to a child who has offered a
                        particular contribution eg as a singer in a choir at a civic event. Wokingham Town
                        Council has close links to the schools in the Town and likes to invite them to
                        contribute where possible.

                 F      “Archie” Pin Badge
                        This is a badge that would, in 2018, be given to a child at an event they have
                        enjoyed. Wokingham Town Council organises many events throughout the year
                        where family activities are often organised.

                 G      Wokingham Town Council Badge.
                        This badge is provided to Town Councillors on their election to the Town Council
                        and is worn at all Civic Events.

                 H      The Wokingham Society Blue Plaque Trail.
                        The Wokingham Society is a Civic Society established in the 1960s, which includes
                        within its aims that of Promoting study of the history of Wokingham and interest in
                        our heritage. This document provides a trail and description of the key iconic
                        buildings in Wokingham as of May 2018.

                 I      Stamps – The suffragette collection obtained from Royal Mail.
                        This set of commemorative stamps celebrated in 2018 the 100 years since women
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