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  An electronic list of the contents of the capsule, each with a description
                             Photographs
                             Plans of the Market Place
                             Cllr Bob Wyatt’s tour of the Town Hall
                             PDF copies of a number of items in this capsule

                 Y      Wokingham TC Newsletter
                        This is the May 2018 edition of a newsletter that is produced yearly by Wokingham
                        Town Council.

                 Z      High Steward Letters
                        2018 saw the handover of the High Steward role, Lady Elizabeth Godsal retiring
                        after 26 years of service to the Town. High Steward is an honorary title bestowed
                        by the councils or charter trustees of certain towns and cities in England. The
                        original High Steward of Wokingham was Sir Henry Neville, who was Lady
                        Elizabeth’s nine times Great Grandfather. Lady Elizabeth’s daughter, Lucy Zeal l
                        succeeded her mother and they have jointly written a letter for the capsule.

                 AA     Contents of Capsule
                        This is a list of the objects included together with a description of their purpose
                        and/or reason for inclusion.

               Collecting and packaging all of the above was a time consuming task but at the same time
               very rewarding.

               8 Event

               A special event was held at Wokingham Town Hall to place the objects into the time capsule.
               This included school children placing the letters that they had written into the capsule. The
               event was also attended by members of the Town and Borough Councils and the
               Wokingham Society.
               The picture below shows Peter Must, Wokingham Society Chairman, placing a copy of the
               Wokingham Society Blue Plaque Trail guide into the capsule.
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