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It describes the regeneration scheme, and civic ceremonies, and passes on best
                        wishes the Mayor of 2068.

                 R      The Wokingham WORD
                        This is a free guide to Wokingham circulated monthly to homes to provide updates
                        on local events, businesses, trades and features.

                 S      Prime Minister’s Visit To Wokingham
                        This is an extract from The Wokingham Paper reporting on the opening, by the
                        then Prime Minister Theresa May, of a new council built development of affordable
                        homes in Wokingham.

                 T      Photographs of Wokingham Refurbishment
                        The following photographs are included: -
                        T1,T2 Refurbishment under construction
                        T3 The new Yorkstone
                        T4,T5.T6 Artist Impressions of the completed refurbishment.

                 U      Photographs of Wokingham Town Hall Rooms
                        The following photographs are included: -
                        U1 Town Hall Main Hall
                        U2 Town Hall Council Chamber
                        U3 Town Hall Annex
                        U4 Town Hall Jubilee Room
                        U5 Town Hall REME Room

                 V      Photographs of Wokingham
                        The following photographs are included: -
                        V1,V2 Final REME Parade
                        V3 Town Hall at night
                        V4 Vintage buildings in Rose Street
                        V5 Walk in Joel Park
                        V6 Ship Inn & All Saints’ Church
                        V7 Wokingham Town Hall
                        V8 St. Paul’s Church in the snow

                 W      Letters from School Children
                        Wokingham Town Council gave schools within the Town the opportunity to provide
                        letters describing their life in 2018 which were placed into the time capsule by the
                        children at a special event held in the Town Hall on the 10  May 2018.

                        The following provided letters: -

                             The Emmbrook School – Jasmine Snow, Deputy Head Girl
                             Holme Grange School – Mrs.Claire Robinson BA PGCE NPQH,
                             Evendons Primary School – Rory Wilson-Rhodes
                             Evendons Primary School – Leonor Rosa

                 X      Dual USB Drive offering a USB 3.0 connection and micro USB connection.
                        This is a data storage device which is supported natively by current operating
                        systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS and other UNIX like systems, on
                        Desktop and Laptop computers, and also mobile devices.
                        This USB Drive holds the following:-
   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8